2018-05-01, New website is published!

Go-Back Publish:2018-05-01 12:12

On May 1st 2018, It's a memorable day for Us!

The PSWPower.com team announces the NEW website is published!. Your can order not only in PC, but also in Mobile phone!

What's new about NEW website?

  • 1. Restructure the website and replace the ASP technology with PHP Technology;
  • 2. The mobile terminal is suitable, you and make orders under the mobile phone;
  • 3. Modify the website Logo and apply for a trademark for this.


  • http://www.pswpower.com/ (New Website)
  • or: http://www.elifebike.com/ (New Website)
  • or: http://asp.pswpower.com/ (Old Website)

Welcome to our new website and Happy International Labour Day!

Any problem please contact 2831684296@qq.com or pswpower_com@163.com.