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Connectors in shop
In your shop I can buy connectors for brake and throttle.
I would also need a connector for hall sensor (6 pin, the one on the motor cable).
Can you offer that?

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Name:Steven Deng
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RE:Connectors in shop


we need MOQ 100PCS for the sensor connector

best regards

steven deng

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RE:Connectors in shop
I bought the cable intiially because of the low price, though later I found more proof toward the saying,  You get what you pay for  it worked fine at first, but after a while my Xbox kept turning on and off without warning, intiially I thought the Xbox was broken, but after checking some of the other one star reviews here I replaced the cable with my old one and the problem was solved. I recommend against getting this cable, spend your money on something that works such as an official cable made by microsoft. May cost more but you're far less likely to get the problems I had.

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